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Turns out that despite me not working very much on this last pay period, I still got a decent paycheque. Why? Because they added in all my acrued vacation pay. No idea how that will affect my chances of getting EI, but at least it gave me a little extra money now to pick up some craft supplies to tide me over.

And by 'tide me over', I mean 'keep me occupied for-freaking-ever'. Today, I picked up the following:

  • A set of 12 watercolour pencils
  • A set of postcard-sized acid-free blank cards that can be used for ACTs and ACEOs
  • A lovely fine inking pen for my roommate
  • An invitation to a craft and art fair this Saturday; anyone want to come with? :D
  • Enough wax to make my roommate's birthday present, and then some!
  • A copper goblet that will also be part of my roommate's birthday present
  • A copper hanging incense bowl thingy
  • A large rough-made wooden box that needs sanding down and then painting, after which I think it'll look great
  • A small bottle of enamel coating for ceramics
  • Simulated liquid lead for glasswork
  • Etching solution
  • A large pot for dyeing yarn, melting wax, and whatever else I can think of to use a pot for; finally, I have a pot that's crafting-only!
  • What looks like a burlap sack that'll be great for a rug idea I have in mind

    All of the above cost me less than $50, which I think is a bargain considering how annoying and bulky it all was to get home.

    Going to Value Village to check out what supplies they have can be so hard on the pocketbook sometimes. They had a fair selection of crochet cotton, and they nearly always do. Lots of candles that could be melted down and turn into other things. Books I might have bought if I didn't plan on taking advantage of the book sale tomorrow. But most intruiguing of all was the old-fashioned almost-heavier-than-I-could-lift typewriter! I didn't dare ask what it cost; I knew I didn't have the money for it nor the space to keep it even if I could have afforded it. But oh, it was so very tempting!

    About a year ago they had an old sewing machine, too. One that was attached to its own table and was powered by a treadle. I coveted it until it was no longer in the store, and I want it still. Or at least one like it. Never mind that I have an electric sewing machine of my own; dangit, I want an old-fashioned one that could have been used in the later 1800s!

    I could use it, then write about it on the old typewriter.

    "Born in the wrong era" isn't such a farfetched notion for me, is it?
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