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My crafty mojo hit sort of a downslide this past while. I returned to work and then promptly lost a load of my time, and a lot of my inspiration went with it. If I did anything, it was usually knitting on a few rows of a boucle afghan, or some leprosy bandages I intend to send off to a charity organization that collects them.

But now, things are a little different. For one thing, I no longer have a job. Yup, got laid off. The whole campany went belly-up, and we got all of a few hours of notice about not having jobs anymore.

But I won't grumble on about that here. I've got my personal blog for that. What I will grumble go on about is how I've found a bit more crafty inspiration lately. I think the cooling temperatures have something to do with it. This time of year comes along and I always want to be productive in a rather domestic way. Baking, making warm things to wear in the winter, that sort of thing. So I do, and I am.

No pictures at the moment, but I've started knitting myself a cowl out of some lovely worsted wool that I've had in my stash for a while. Forest green and rather soft, it's knitting up nice and quick and with any luck, should be finished in a few days of intermittant knitting.

I also got the inspiration to make a set of bracers, as shown here. Mine would be knit rather than crocheted (as you all know, I can't crochet to save my life), and I'm tempted to experiment with making a second pair and felting them, to see which one is more servicable.

Not that I have a particular need for servicable bracers, of course, but heck, you never know. :p And if nothing else, they'll be good for costume purposes, and I can think of a certain roommate who'd probably appreciate them as a gift for her costume stash.

When I find my camera and get off my lazy tuchus, I'll upload some pictures of what little I've got going on these days. And maybe by that point, there'll be more than just a little going on.


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