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Birthdate:Jun 7
Location:Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
In a weird way, sometimes I feel like I was born into the wrong time period in the wrong part of the world. I have a major obsession with crafting, and a minor obsession with frugal living, recycling, and traditional ethnic crafts from various different cultures, and I'm trying to find a way to harmonize these things with the rest of my life. More than anything else, though, I enjoy making things, whether those things be a shawl to wrap around my shoulders when it gets chilly, a good sketch to hang on the wall, or a story that's been running around inside my head for a while.

I'm a social recluse with various health problems, and so am trying to make a go at finding good steady income from doing what I love and not having to put my body and mind through additional stresses just to make bill payments. As such, some of the handcrafted items presented here will be for sale. Contact me if you're interested in buying any of them.

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art, being alone with nature, buffy the vampire slayer, crafting, crafty experimentation, creativity, cross-stitch, designing, dyeing, embroidery, fabric, fantasy realms, fibre arts, handmade items, heralds of valdemar, historical crafts, house, knit lace, knitting, lace knitting, laura ingalls wilder, learning new things, making something out of nothing, making stuff, mediaeval baebes, mercedes lackey, moist, nick & jakob kitties, non-fiction reading binges, obsessive research, owning more books than i have space for, pattern design, playing far too many video games, reading, recycled art, recycled yarn, recycling, role-playing, textiles, the cruxshadows, the tea party, vampires, video games, waxcraft, within temptation, writing, writing my own stories/books, x-files, yarn
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