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A few of us are going away next week, and so we're trying to get everything together in preparation. One of the things we're going to need to bring will be pillows. We've got a body pillow that we want to bring along, but it doesn't have a cover, and we don't want to get the actual pillow dirty (we'll be sleeping outside and in a tent), so I offered to use some of the spare material I have to make a pillow cover. I've got a fair bit of pinkish cottony stuff that I was going to use to make some pillow cases anyway, probably to try to sell at a craft fair, but this is a much better use for it. There's more than enough to make a cover for the body pillow, after all, and even though I'll have to handsew it and it'll need to be done by Thursday at the latest, I should be able to get it done. It's not like it needs to be anything fancy, after all.

But since I can't really get to work on that until my roommate comes home and gives me the body pillow (so I can get the measurements), I keep thinking that I really ought to be knitting more on that rug I'm working on. Simple garter stitch in thick soft yarn, and I've only got a few balls left, so if I work on it diligently I ought to have that done soon too.

Then I can work on a few of the dolls I want to knit. I had an idea to do character dolls, so I found a basic doll pattern, will edit that as I need, and then when I've got that down as best I can, I'll customize and individualize them and make amusing character dolls. I've got the idea to make Heralds first, of course (my obsessions run deep), but in terms of humanoid characters, I could pretty much adapt to any character.

I'm very tempted to make a doll for my roommate of her favourite role-playing character this way. I know she'd like it, and it'd be fun to make.

The only thing is that I don't think I have any good flesh-coloured yarn lying around, or even anything that would work as a close approximation, so I might have to wait until I get a little money before I make a serious start on that. I can make a few practice dolls with what I have lying around, though, while I work on adapting the pattern to my own needs. It doesn't really matter if the practice pieces of bright blue or variegated or whatever. :p

It's nice to feel busy and productive without feeling stressed about too many deadlines. Feeling busy and productive always feels good, I suppose, when you're being busy and productive with something you enjoy doing anyway, rather than just something you have to do.


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