Jun. 6th, 2009


Jun. 6th, 2009 04:18 pm
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It's a lovely day right now, so my roommate and I decided to go uptown for lunch at The Infusion. (Wonderful place, by the way, and if you ever happen to be in this city, I recommend you go there and try out their food and tea selection.) On a whim we decided to stop by Keltic Revival, because we saw they had a sale on.

The roommate came away with a dragon pendant and a new highland shirt, which pleased her to no end. What pleased me to no end was seeing that they sell handcrafts made by locals. I said that if they're still there in the winter that I'd knit up some scarves with knotwork-style cables, and the owner (who's a fantastic guy, very friendly and welcoming) said certainly, if I had anything like that he'd sell them.


So I've made up my mind. I'll knit him and his wife good warm scarves with knotwork patterns, and give them as gifts. If they think they could sell similar scarves in their store, then I'll gladly make them and supply them.

I think I just made my first tentative business deal.

Thankfully, the owners are the kind of people who would likely understand just what the value would be behind such a scarf if I knit it from, say, cashmere as opposed to acrylic, so I have no fear of them trying to compare apples to oranges that way, so to speak.

My roommate was also saying that if they do sell my scarves, it would be a great way to get people in the area knowing my name, in case anyone wanted something custom or other stores wanted to make a similar deal. I doubt that would happen, but she has a point. If someone wants a scarf in green rather than white, for example, they can contact me and let me know and I can get to work on it. And it might bring in a few sales for other projects of mine that I work on, too, not just knitted winterwear.

And now, I have to see if I have any good yarn that would make a good scarf for this project. I'm sure I have some, somewhere. Just have to sig through the stash enough and I'm certain I'll come across some good wool, if not actual cashmere.


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